A Pack of Humorous

What: Wiwiek ‘n Friends reunion on MetamorphoEdsa 2014
When: Saturday, April 26th 2014
Who: Wiwiek ‘n Friends. Who else…?
AFTER they were –so called—break and disappear for about 5 years, they finally shown up again at FIB UNDIP (Cultural Science Faculty of Universitas Diponegoro Semarang) annual celebration. Wiwiek ‘n Friends are Radika (vocal), Koko (keyboard), Aditya (guitar), Bahtiar (drum), Vega (bass) and Resky (guitar). They released a mini album “Hey” (2007) and a debut album “Minggu” (2008).
It was like usual. There was humorous at the stage, then bunch of laugh over it. Plus, a ‘forget the lyrics’ moment that made all of us laughed out loud. It was like the old days. It is Wiwiek ‘n Friends we know, despites the tummies getting bigger. :))))

*photographed by: me

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