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Every Influencer Should Know

LAST Saturday (20/10) I attended an event held by one of Indonesia’s famous cosmetic brand, Purbasari. It was “Purbasari Influencer Academy”. Held in Gets Hotel Semarang, this cool event presenting 3 fabs speakers, they are Anunk Aqeela (fashionpreneur), IniVindy (beauty blogger, makeup artist), and Natasha Esteele (photographer).
When I entered the lobby that morning, lots of women dressed in white and look pretty with their makeup. Yes, the dresscode was white. They all went to the pool side for balloons release as opening this event. I was running late and went straight to the pool side to join.
Aqeela was the first speaker, then iniVindy, and Esteele. IniVindy share “Flawless Makeup” tutorial to all of us. Well, even though I’m not doing the makeup (hehehe), me watching her guide the audiences step by step to gain the simple perfect flawless. Then Natasha Esteele share basic photography skills so our blog or Instagram updates would look slightly kickass like a pro.
My favorite part was personal branding by Anunk Aqeela. Besides consistency and ability to represent ourselves on how we would people identify our characteristics, turns out the most important of all is our etiquette. Yes, it is. She teach us some basic ethics such as hand shake, sit, walk, talk, even when we drop something and put it in a right way.
I went home with a bag full of happiness. I’ve got the knowledge, and beauty products from Purbasari, with lot of lipsticks! Who can’t resist a package of hi-matte lip cream hydra series in various colors. It has smooth texture, your lips would not miserably dry by wearing it all day long. I don’t like wearing makeup, but I always say yes to lipstick. Especially the good one. Nice, matte!

Gummy on Your Neck

What is that in your pocket?
It’s like a pack of cute gummy clays
In pastel colors
I want it all to draw my day colorful
Oh, it’s a clay-like gummy necklaces
So adorable
I want to adopt them all

Photograph: Fareet M, Han Wafa
Edited: monsterkopi
Location: Kofitiére

H&M dress | belongs to husband shirt | VANS shoes | WATU necklace