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Positive Vibes

Let’s get some fresh air
To breeze out the bad thoughts
To cool down the anger
To catch the airy kindness
To dance with optimism
And hug the positive vibes

*photographed by Fareet M

on me: unbranded top, long skirt, and sling bag | Mine by Ira Anastasia shawl, wore as bandana | Vans shoes

on her: hgl house top and pants | Nabo outer | bought in Japan shoes

Pinkish Mood

SOME people are refuse to wear cultural attribute as simple as wearing traditional fabric and cloth. Batik, Tenun, Lurik, Songket, or Kebaya. Many reasons they have. Presumption those are old, not attractive, or not suitable with their highest ‘principal’ in life (and after life). *fingers peace
Be proud of your own culture, race, identity, nationality, place you were born and live.
I’m Indonesian. I’m proud wearing Batik. <3

*photograph by Bagus Ernanda Putra

dhievine off shoulder Batik top | et cetera pants | melissa shoes | Ina Priyono shawl, wearing as bandana