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Lifetime Partner

IN my deepest thought, I never imagine (particularly wanted) a lavish-extravagantly-glamorous pre-wedding photo. Not even in a blink of an eye. I had a good reason for this. It’s simply because I don’t feel like being myself, definitely not me on those dress, makeup and scene. That would be ick if I saw myself on that pictures.
All I wanted was a modest photo, with casual outfits or dress, and scenes, that is represent myself, and my fiancé. All the photos should be what we like, what we do, and what we wear in our daily life. then, I could say that I’m gladly satisfied with the results.
My most favorite photo is a picture me and him having a random conversation while drinking wine, in a bath tub. This one was an exception because I’ve got the idea quite long time ago. Well, here are some of my modest pre-wedding photos. Who knows some of these could be your inspiration. Cheers!

*all photos taken by: Yoga Satriya
edited by: monsterkopi

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Talking With The Sands #2

I’m on a navigator seat while I got no direction
I’m on a driver seat while all I can do is speed
My happiness box filled with energy and laughing
My memorable canvas filled with thousand pictures
I have my solitude in a festive sun and shore
I have my gloom in a bunch of walk and talk
They said don’t want to let go that beautiful moment
I said let it go,
and float like my crumpled hand-writing on my ragged paper.

part 2: Watu Karung & Klayar, East Java
*pics taken by: me and Adit
edited by: me

sotb 14Watu Karung
sotb 15--Watu Karung
sotb 16 klayarKlayar
sotb 17sotb 18sotb 19sotb 20our hotel, straight to the ocean.
sotb 21sotb 22sotb 23this is heaven… :’)

sotb 24sotb 25