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At The Age of 30

GOD is great. My dream comes true at the moment I expected. True story. Let me tell you a little. When I was teenager, it was only me in my pack, who didn’t want to get married at a young age. As you know, almost every woman (at least in our country) wants to get married at a young age (between 22 – 25).

So, at that time, I had thought the ideal age is 30. That’s a cool age to start settling down. Haha. And so, at 12.13.14 (December 13th 2014), I finally married to this guy. A dashing friend —who knows—being my husband. My wedding was the wedding that I dreamed for. Small, simple, modest, and wore beautiful white gown. White is not really common in traditional Javanese wedding. Because it usually in a bold color and glamorous merry. But in my opinion, white gown is a simply what most girls dreamed when they were little, including myself. No matter their race or nationality background. Moreover, I wore my mom’s kebaya (rework by Cinobi) for akad nikah to the afternoon reception, which she wore it when she had hers at May 29th 1983. What a priceless moment for me. :’)

Here are some pictures from that moment. From siraman ceremony (Javanese ritual to shower the bride), midodareni (kind of bridal shower; girlfriends came to visit the bride-to-be at night before the wedding, at her last day as a single girl), akad nikah (Islamic marriage ceremony), afternoon reception for families and colleagues, and evening-casual-reception for our friends. Absolutely a memorable tying the knot for us. Entirely I thank God for sending me best friends been there doing all the great things for me. :’)

Anyway, if you keep scrolling down and the pictures are getting sprung, yes, that is because the photographers were getting drunk that time….

*pictures: Circle Visual | edited: monsterkopi

wed 01my dad is about to set a bleketepe. a Javanese symbolic to avoid bad things entering the house
wed 02wed 03sungkeman. asking permit to parents because the bride-to-be are getting release her single life
wed 04for siraman procession
wed 05wed 06wed 07wed 08wed 09wed 10dawetan. a Javanese philosophy. parents giving the complexity of their daughter to the families, so the daughter would obedient to God, eventually
wed 11wed 12wed 13wed 14wed 15Fahmi, my bestman
wed 16wed 17the groom, Hendragita. and his bestman, R. Galih (Brewok)
wed 18wed 19wed 20wed 21wed 22wed 23Uje, my bestman. and Ira, my bridesmaid. can’t imagine my life without them :’)
wed 24wed 25wed 26wed 27wed 28his bestman
wed 29wed 30akad nikah procession
wed 31taken by Albert Sumilat
wed 32wed 33wed 34wed 35my bestman and bridesmaid
wed 36wed 37wed 38wed 39wed 40wed 41wed 42wed 43yes, both of us can’t dance. hahhaha
wed 44wed 45wed 46wed 47wed 48wed 49wed 50wed 51wed 52wed 53wed 54wed 55wed 56wed 57wed 58my beautiful bridesmaids
wed 59wed 60wed 61wed 62_Fotorwed 63_Fotorwed 64wed 65wed 66wed 67Bavuc
wed 68wed 69wed 70wed 71wed 72wed 73Fond
wed 74wed 75OK Karaoke
wed 76wed 77wed 78wed 79wed 80wed 81wed 82wed 83wed 84wed 85wed 86wed 87Aljabar
wed 88wed 89wed 90wed 91wed 92wed 93Bembi, my favourite dj

wed 94wed 95wed 96wed 97Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Stroked You High!

YOU say party, I say die: you say a great party is a party in the nightclub, I say hell no. In-my-fucking-humble-opinion, a great party is an ‘underground’ party (or, in another term, some people call it an ‘indies-party’). Hell yeah. Like this one, a Tribute to The Strokes. Yes, that US indie-rock band. There’s bands and DJs playing inside, plus a quirky bar that sold uber-cheap drinks and ‘high’ quality sandwiches. At the backyard, there’s free BBQ for everyone. Barely can’t say anything.
It’s because I have no clue about The Strokes except their song “Last Night” (ouch! ☹), I was drowning at the party, and too excited meeting some old friends. Joy around me. But I feel sorry I had to go home a bit early. My old feet can’t handle the dance floor for too long. I was too (ehm) ‘exhausted and swelter’ to take good pictures. Then I edited them in lomo colors. So, here’s some photos in –so called—the drunken style photograph. Even though this is not a great photograph, at least you could feel the stroked rawk vibe. Haha!
What: Stroked: Tribute to The Strokes
When: Saturday, 5th October 2013
Where: Wisma Pertamina Semarang
The bands: Moiss, Bavuc, The Chemo, Reptiles, Rico Julian.
The DJs: Killmayhem, #gerombolanbencana, Rockingrush.

stroked1stroked2stroked4“laaaast niiiight, she saaiiid, oh baby don’t feel so down…”
stroked5stroked6stroked7stroked8taken by Nisa
stroked9taken by Brewok
stroked14Brewok the ‘haircut & martabat’, Rossi, Polos