Black Ice Cube

Oh, rain why you won’t pour in my leafy blanket
my blanket and the cotton pillow habitant really missed your hug
they’re really missed until got delusional by neighbour’s greeny flower
as if we all really need a super cold drink to warm our mind

photographed by Fareet M
edited by monsterkopi

located at Kopitiga – jl Telaga Bodas Raya Semarang

unbranded blouse, sandals | David Yan sarong

Jam Jam Pyjamas

my pyjama hanging on the watermelon sky
It has crunchy bread cuts and cookie chips
bring out the cinnamon warmth
and milky hug to my tired feet
so I can dance all night long in my red shoes

Photographed by Fareet M
Edited by monsterkopi

Special thanks to KEVA Semarang

S.Y STUDIO pyjama | Christian Siriano heels