I See The Rain….

I see the rain in your eyes for a while, and the risk we’ll take it, but our life goes on and we’ll see,” (I See The Rain – Gold Thief).

In a cold Friday (24/5) evening, Moch Hafidz (bass, backing vocal), Prima Sukmaraga (guitar), Rezky Novadika (drum), and [RIP] Krido Priyambodo (vocal, guitar), launched their very first mini album, To Get The Answer, at Tung De Blang Semarang. This mini-launch also as their 3rd years celebration.

Well, Gold Thief  is a pop-folk/ballad band from Semarang. Overall, the music is a down tempo with a fling of harmonica and country music. There is six song (include the opening) in this mini album, and my favorite is “I See The Rain”, their bonus track song. Somehow their music remind us to the cowboy gang who having their leisure time. Don’t imagine a moment after their kick some people’s asses then sitting in a bar and made some crappy-smutty jokes. But please imagine a moment when the cowboys having their leisure in a bar, sipping their coffee or beer, while having a nice chit chat on a sunny afternoon.

A friend said that their music remind on his dad’s era. I think so. For me, I barely couldn’t said in a right sentences what this is like. But I could tell you, the music is well-suited listened while driving, anytime anywhere. And when the rain pouring down your day, this is a good time to enjoy it.
Few days after this launching, something miserable happened. A car accident took the life of Krido and 2 others; Eta, and Rio (Warehouse drummer). When I wrote this, is the 7th days of their passed away. Nothing we can say but hopefully they’re rest in peace. And for Krido, hopefully he also rest in proud. Because his band finally launched the mini album, and officially got a huge appreciate from friends and fans. I remember when Gold Thief sang their last song at the launching, “To Get The Answer”. The audiences ask them to sang it again, then they did. And the audiences stood near them, sang along in an intimate-memorable moment. :’)

*photographed by: me

gt 01Moist

gt 02OK Karaoke

gt 03[RIP] Krido

gt 04gt 05gt 06gt 07gt 08gt 09gt 08gt 09gt 10

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