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Blending Tranquility

WHEN you are looking for a place for a beauty treatment, (I guess) you might seek a nice and homey one. A place which got an A+ for excellent treatment, followed by an outstanding interior. As for homey, means you seek for a place that is comfy but not really like your ‘messing boat’ house. You know what I mean.
Anyhow, for you who loved to spend money for doing spas in Bali, or any splendid spas, you’ve got to check this one. Lie Kuang & Co. This creative salon has just did the re-launch by the end of June (see the launching party here). For you who lives (or stay) in Semarang, no need to go out of town just to get an A+ spas. And for those who would like to visit Semarang, well, you should tried to visit this place besides culinary and cultural leisure.

With its brand new look, Lie Kuang & Co. definitely gives you a cool atmosphere. It’s a modern-minimalist tropical ‘house’. Each room divided by warm-and-bright lighting. On the first floor, there’s a spacious rooms for cutting, styling, washing, make up, ghd corner, and a special room for gentleman. A luxurious barbershop concept. A masculine touch by brown wood which is dominated the room with a dash of white. This seems like a masculinity hidden in the modern-feminine territory.

This first floor area dominated by glace warm colors (brown, black, grey, cream), metal and wooden material. Gives a perfect combination between modern look and classic white. Up to the 2nd floor, you’ll be amazed by stones material and old teak wood. It’s a blending between modern and natural elements. This is the area for modern beauty spa and Kerastase Institute for your A+ hair treatment. And for your information, this is the biggest Kerastase Institude in Asia.
You’ll find a piece of artwood at a side, and the giant old teak wood at the center of width aisle, right in the upside fiber optic pond water. At this area, you’ll be relaxed by pond water with fiber optic lighting all over the room, creates blue and green colors. Which is an atmosphere of tranquility.
Overall, it’s a twist between natural and modern. Like wearing a pair of stiletto but you feel like wearing a comfy wedges.

Lie Kuang & Co.
Jl. Saidan no. 5
Semarang – Central Java
p. 024 3511133 – 024 3511166
e. liekuang@mac.com
*photographed by: me 

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Well Groomed Gentleman

MEET my friend, R. Galih Riyadi a.k.a Brewok a.k.a Mr. Haircut. A big man with remarkable beard and moustache, who will makes all of you, gentleman, a damn good haircut.
He is a hairstylist at evening, and works nine-to-five like common people. Brewok is a man behind the Hair Cut’s and Martabat (@HairCutMartabat), a cutting-edge barbershop at Cinde Barat 31(well known as CB 31) Semarang. Before this barbershop officially open in 5th November 2013, he did the talent by cutting some of his friends’ hair. Then he thought, ‘why not making my own barbershop? With different style amongst the others, of course’. And then, this perky Hair Cut’s and Martabat born. He admitted, this place was born from a brave recklessness.

The name itself suddenly pop up from a friend, Ijak, at a time when they had a chit chat. Haircut Martabat is a parody of ‘Harkat dan Martabat’ (The Dignity). He wisely pick that name with a simple hope, his customers would get a dignity/ prestige after had their hair cut. Haha.

If you visit this place, you’ll see a vintage room decorated with some old photographs, old posters, solid woods, old toy, various pomades, old vinyl player with some oldies music, old motorbike, and say hello to the humble-hilarious-bearded-and-moustache-hairstylist. With a help from his assistances, this barbershop are open for all of you gentleman out there (sorry ladies), from 6 to 10 pm at weekdays, and 3 to 10 pm at weekends. Be happy, lads, you’ll get a super affordable price. It’s only 10k until this last December, and raised to 15k on January 2014. So lads, don’t hesitate yourself. Tidy up your hair here, and walk proudly.

*photograph by: me

haircut 1-2haircut 2haircut 3haircut 4haircut 5haircut 6haircut 7haircut 8haircut 9haircut 10haircut 11taken by Syamsyul Nyamnyul

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