Bitter Sweeter Lover

She pours latte in my coffee
I strews spicy in her cuisine
She sprays gold in my ceiling
I strings ambience in her rhythm
Sometimes it is so blissful to put bitter in a sweet cake
To complete each other cup of life

*photographed by Yehezkiel Caesar Oka
edited by monsterkopi
Location: Peacock Coffee
Jl Gajah Mada 119 B Semarang

on her Caudate top | unbranded skirt | Vans shoes
on me Latisha by Ina Priyono top | Hush Puppies skirt | Nike shoes

white shirt 1_white shirt 2_white shirt 3_white shirt 4_white shirt 5_white shirt 6_white shirt 7_white shirt 8_white shirt 9_white shirt 10_


Sometimes we’re so annoying, sometimes we’re so sweet
Another time I stood in a black wall, she painted white to lite me in
Several time she drown in a white canvas, I painted black to let her swim
Sometimes, we poured grey scale in each other to create happiness.

We both wearing “Urban Monochrome” by Ira Anastasia 

On me: Vans and Aldo shoes | Matnleatherworks clutch
On her: Adidas and Converse shoes | Ten Degrees bag

*pics taken by: Yehezkiel Caesar Oka
edited by: Monsterkopi

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