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the cotton candy weather took me play outside
I’m happy seeing all of this pretty color
I run in the rhythmic clammy street
I’m hoppipolla
My mum trying to catch me
My aunty looking at me from distance,
with her weird heavy toy on her eyes
I’m laughing
Everything looks like bunch of silly candies

*photograph by: mearctic 1arctic 2arctic 3arctic 4arctic 5arctic 6arctic 7arctic 8arctic 9arctic 10

She’s in Tutu

YESTERDAY I did photo shots for my beloved nephew, Niska. It was an impromptu shots in a hot Sunday afternoon. I took her photos simply because she came wearing her cute pinky tutu dress. It’s a blissful seeing her cheeriness. Walking around and frequently running in amusingly wobbly, trying to catch her mom and aunty, who was trying so hard to snap her innocent. I did not directing her at all. This photos below, is a truly expressions from a 1,5 years old girl. She’s fashionable, isn’t she? 😉

*photograph by: me

nyik 01nyik 02nyik 03nyik 04-as if- stopping a cab
nyik 05_Fotornyik 06nyik 07classy street fashion

nyik 08nyik 09nyik 10nyik 11nyik 12