Candy Colors on #FindYourFlavor

HUSH Puppies just launch their new flavors by the end of this year. a technology in footwear that makes fashionable and comfort walk in a line.
According to introducing their new flavors and greeting the season, Hush Puppies Semarang has just celebrated it in Christmas Celebration “The Joy of Love”, at their store in Paragon Mall 15th December 2017.
Meet the Schnoodle. Schnoodle is a lightweight knit sneakers. With zero-G technology, they are as light as feather. Knitted in footwear is so hip this year and surely still happening for next year. Hush Puppies takes part on that particular trend by this schnoodle series.
Pop up in pastel candy colors; pink, navy blue, dark blue, grey, light grey, and yet a basic color, mysterious black. You definitely would grab a pair to match your casual look. So, find your flavor by choosing a light good pair!

*photographs by Egi Santoso

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