yesTOURday Destination 2: Lokananta

TEN years ago, group of a restless creative juvenile created a shelter for bands/ musicians from Semarang to had their music tour independently in several cities. Or may I say, in a D.I.Y movement. 😀
They called their selves ”yesTOURday”. Their debut tour was successfully held in Jakarta, Bogor and Bandung, brought OK Karaoke, Something About Lola (S.A.L) and Wiwiek ‘n Friends in order to promoted their new albums.
Unfortunately after this ‘premiere’ event, Yestourday gone disappeared. Each crew including band members, were busied by their own.
Briefly, in 20th August 2016, Yestourday come back with their new excitement –along with some fat bellies among them—with a slightly different kind of tour. They brought S.A.L and Wiwiek ‘n Friends took audio recording and live performing videos at Lokananta, the oldest recording company (and music museum) in Indonesia; the big hero yet a ‘Wikipedia’ of Indonesian music industry.
Aside for promoting S.A.L latest album “Your Revolution”, and Wiwiek ‘n Friends new single, “Praaang”, destination Lokananta have some special missions. They would inform to the kids nowdays what Lokananta is. We all should be aware that Indonesia has a kick ass national recording company. As for S.A.L and Wiwiek ‘n Friends upcoming videos, who knows it could be a trigger for another musicians, planning their recording or live video at it, and hopefully would bring back it’s glorious, even though won’t be the same as in the old days.
Moreover, Lokananta has a marvelous audiovisual; the older you get, the better you get. It was an ultimate pride yet ultimate experience for both bands did live performance Lokananta.

*photographed by Mamet Mumeti, Monsterkopi


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