The Iconic Aoyama

YOU probably had fully satisfied with your vibrant colors ombre on yer hair. Well, make it as a great ombre you ever had. A great hair color that made you look dare and sophisticated. Now it’s time to go calm. It’s time for sombre.
Sombre hair, a.k.a soft ombre, is an ultimate hair trend for this year. As for this newest trend, Lie Kuang Creative Team (Lie Kuang & Co. Creative Salon Semarang) present their coolest sombre, “Aoyama Collection”. Inspired by fashionable Aoyama district in Tokyo Japan, where high fashion enthusiast hanging out with their community.
Of course their outfits looks damn fashionable and sophisticated at the same time. They got a great match (and mismatching) from head to toe. The Aoyama’s architecture itself and it’s interiors design in each stores, creates dynamic and elegance vibes, which makes Aoyama a favourite destination for fashion lover.
Dive into Lie Kuang’s sombre, they created a harmonious effect on cutting and coloring combinations, multi-dimension hair texture that create an edgy look. How about the colors? Using L’Oréal Professionnel, it’s a milk tea which look alike a soft brown pastel, warm brown like dark chocolate, peach brown like a slash of copper, and medium brown with copper highlight.
Overall, the final look is like adoring a messy hair. You don’t really need a comb because you could tidy it up with your fingers. Moreover, you don’t need the hairspray to keep it sturdy. Give your hair a little bit of messy. Its the finest way for this style. Final words, keep calm and have a sombre.

Make up and hair do: Lie Kuang Creative Team
Wardrobe: Angela Chung, Bramanta Wijaya
Photograph: Dikha Dheansa, Monsterkopi

lk aoyama 1taken by monsterkopilk aoyama 2taken by monsterkopi

lk aoyama 3lk aoyama 4lk aoyama 5lk aoyama 6lk aoyama 7lk aoyama 8

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