Dewy Smile

APPLYING make up is like painting in a canvas. Good and ‘proper’ makeup of course creates a ‘beauty for those who see’. Yes, beauty from the inside speaks heavily than a heavy makeup.
No need to look bold, no need to look so festive, and especially for Indonesian, no need to look white. Not everything looks better in a lighter skin. Lets cut out those stereotype. The less the better. The darker the more exotic!
I always adore soft applying makeup, or light makeup touch. As if you only wear nude lipstick and natural eye-shade. This time, my friend Bestari give me the light smokey eyes look, and nude color on the lips. Me felt pretty without a requirement ‘you-should-wearing-makeup-so-it-looks-good-on-a-camera’.

*pics taken by Yoga Satriya
edited by monsterkopi
MUA by Bestari Arum Bening
gown CINOBI by Novita Sanjaya

bride 01_Fotorbride 02_Fotorbride 03_Fotorbride 04_Fotorbride 05_Fotorbride 06_Fotorbride 07_Fotorbride 08_Fotorbride 09_Fotorbride 10_Fotor

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