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Small Place Big Taste

THE smaller the better. Small space doesn’t terminate us to create an out of the interior box to fill it. The smaller, the bigger creativity. Make the small looks good, comfy and spacious.
Those small place with a good ambience is AVÉ Salon at Ciputra Mall Semarang. An eclectic industrial with androgyny touch, dominated with wood and iron materials. Iconic, the interior designer for this small place, help the owners to actualize the idea, to mix and match old and new things.
Some old things are recycled wood from railroads and ships.
Pretty tough to harmonize all the necessity with tiny space. But here it is…

*photographs: monsterkopi

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Semarang Fashion Parade 2015

what: “Resistance Persistance”, APPMI Jawa Tengah fashion tendance 2016, on #SFP2015
when: 31st October 2015
where: Gumaya Tower Hotel Semarang

inge_FotorInge Chu “Yin Yang”

vici 1-2_FotorGregorius Vici “Aggressivici”

vici 2_Fotorave_FotorAve Sanjaya “Spring in the City”

ina_FotorIna Priyono “Marmorata”

zikin_FotorZikin “Javana Charm”

lily_FotorLily Yuwono “White Summer”

angela_FotorAngela Chung “Morning in the Seine”

ingrid_FotorIngrid Husodo “Aftermath”

elkana_FotorElkana Gunawan “Basanta”

devy_FotorDevy Ros “Twisted Hauture”

bram_FotorBramanta Wijaya “Champ de Lavandre”

davidyan_FotorDavid Yan “Strie de Cawas”


what: “Rue de la Mode” on #SFP2015
when: 31st October 2015
where: Gumaya Tower Hotel Semarang

sfp sefa1_FotorS.Y Studio “Stalasso”

sfp sefa2_Fotorsfp philip1_FotorPhillip Iswardono “The Jewish”

sfp philip2_Fotorsfp sarmanra2_FotorSarrmanra’a “Down to Earth”

sfp rydca1_FotorRydca “Duraciness”

sfp rydca2_Fotorsfp latisha1_FotorLatisha “Vertizon”

sfp dhvn1_FotorDhievine “Peacock and the Ants Colony”

sfp dhvn2_Fotor