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Rawk Lvl: PUKE

• UK Lunch Launching Album & Backyard Party

FRANKLY, I never had this dizziness before. Not the hangover one, but the great outburst atmosphere from the party remains in my head ‘till the next day. I had a bloody good time, of course. Who didn’t? Now let me told you, the coolest launching album party ever, by Semarang’s rock-garage band, Unashamed Kids Lunch (UK Lunch). Consist of Erwin Handoko (vocal), Hafidz Rachmanaza (bass), Prima Sukmaraga (guitar), Arthana Cakti (guitar) and Krishna Momon (drum), let’s gone unashamed for a while.

It was cold Saturday (15/6). Rain pouring down Semarang city. The weather might not ok, but some people has a bunch excitement came to Wisma Pertamina, and a bunch energy to party and get drunk. Ha!. They want to watched nothing but UK Lunch performed, yet the DJs after it; Rico Julian, Mayhem, and Macankampyus a.k.a Bembi. This was a complete package party; from reckless-rawk-rock/garage to nu-disco and 90s music.

There was no bright light at the venue. From entrance door, we’re welcomed by UK’s flag. On the inside, there were a big UK’s flag as the backdrop with a ‘puke’ on it. Only few people really got this message (including me, of course :p). Puke is a term for their rush struggling to release this album. Puke because you hate, crazy-in-love with their attitude and music, and also their album title. But this ‘puke’ could mean anything.

Anyhow, there’s no party without alcohol drinks. Hell yeah. They had a bar called ‘BarBar’, sold various über-cheap drinks. Outside at the backyard, they had a BBQ for free. There was 2 mysterious guys (me better not telling you who the hell they are) had the ultimate shitty drink called ‘jus setan’ (the satan juice), and some other mysterious guys who brought lots of Cong Yang. Yes, that epic-madness-traditional-drinks. Yeah, these kids really know how to have fun.

The party started at 9 pm. UK Lunch brought 8 songs from their album “PUKE” –this might be the first and the only album they had anyway—plus, 2 songs dedicated to [RIP] Krido Priyambodo, Gold Thief’s vocalist. “Call It Love” (created by Krido, few days before he passed away), and “To Get The Answer” – Gold Thief. Both sang by Hafidz in acoustic with his ukulele. There was a touchy atmosphere when Hafidz sang “To Get The Answer” and the audiences sang along through it.
About to last performed, featured Fahmi ‘ngatemi’, this garage band sang “Kick Out The Jams” – Mc5, and “Blietzkrieg Bob” – Ramones. After the crowd satisfied waste their energy to rock ‘n roll and moshed like hell, the ‘stage’ moved and sabotaged by the almighty disco-a-go-go DJs. Crowd getting rawr, crazy, nutty, happy, hottie and absolutely had a superb great fuckin’ time until you want to puke.

Well, you could said (read: judge) anything about UK Lunch. For me, they have a nice garage music with simple lyrics. Although for some people their lyrics sounds too shallow, and the music is just piece of shit. But what the hell. They play music not for that kind of serious terms nor occasions. They had it to company you, when you’re alone, when you’re driving, when you had a leisure time with your friends, and even when you’re simply doing nothing. Yeah, anytime you like. And again, this Unashamed Kids really know how to have fun.

*photograph: me

UKLUNCH 06UKLUNCH 07want some ‘juice’?
UKLUNCH 08UKLUNCH 09UKLUNCH 10UKLUNCH 11UKLUNCH12UKLUNCH 13UKLUNCH 14UKLUNCH 15-left- taken by Cakti. -right- taken by Mamet
UKLUNCH 16-Rico Julian and Macankampyus
UKLUNCH 17Mayhem. these guys absolutely rock the night!
UKLUNCH 18UKLUNCH 19“we’re up all night to get lucky…!!” -taken by Mamet-
UKLUNCH 20yeahhh…. we’re up all night for good fun -taken by Mamet-
UKLUNCH 21taken by Mamet
UKLUNCH 22hello there, i’m Mamet Mumeti
UKLUNCH 26taken by Danang

Picturing Semarang

  • Faraway So Close by Ruang Mes 56

I rarely go to planet Pluto. Not because the planet is so far away from my place. It took only about 2 hours trip by UFO from my planet. I have no idea what’s on Pluto is, nor didn’t familiar with the name. I never want to know any kind of news or info about that alien’s place. Its like, what the heck is the benefit for me if I often go there? Why the hell I should go there if I already have all my comfy in my planet?

That’s a cynical paragraph about people whose have no clue at all about Semarang. Refers to; they don’t give a sh*t instead they live near to this Atlas City. How ironic. (isn’t it?) According to perceive “frigid feeling” with Semarang, members of Ruang Mes 56 (Yogyakarta) held they exhibition titled “Faraway So Close”, which opened last Saturday (13/4), at Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery. The point of ‘Faraway So Close’ on their works, not only about “relatively close distance”, but in addition, how far they could read and see several phenomena in a “relatively far and strange” city. Please do not imagine beautiful photos about Semarang’s landscape and its culinary.

Through this exhibition, you’ll see everything on their lens of view. Everything in a daily life that might not crossed your mind. Everything that created question mark on your forehead, why the hell they took pictures and videos about some simple things in Semarang. Well, that simple things counts the local food you rarely eaten, the dualism and it’s craziness of local football supporters, neighbors you never realize that they do existed, something what they find on your gardens or backyard, replaced places, dormant places that used to be a living scene, and some history you could read through a family’s ancient goods. The most fascinating work, a parody installation from the annoying voice we could find in most of traffic lights in Semarang.

If you are a local people, or you often visiting Semarang and hanging around the streets, you must know those annoying traffic-warning voice. Ha! So, in my opinion, they could read and see beyond a big glass of sweet-hot-brewed-tea; things that slightly underestimated by most people, and things that most people pay too much attention for. We see memories, we read history, and we’ve been through some transformation landscapes, which is, a friction of orientation, customs/ culture, social, and –hell yeah- politics.

Not every single thing have to be see as it seen. Like when you see a lumpia in an iron plate, you didn’t see it as a meal, but you see a plate of Chinese culture in a whole delicate Semarang’s culinary. Then call it ‘anatomy of common sense’. Anyway, who knows, from their own works, a whole members of Mes 56 could feel “closer” and more connected to this city. And so are you.

*pics taken by: @TiaChasmani, @iraramardijo @DanielSatya @GatotCaesar
edited by: me
far…01far…02far…03-aliqawAkiq AW
far…04-ranggapurbaya-smgRangga Purbaya “Semarang”
far…05far…06 far…07-setohariwibowo-domesticfoodSeto Hari Wibowo “Domestic Food”
far…08-danielsatyagraha-cinedememoriaDaniel Satyagraha “Cine de Memoria”
far…09-edwinroseno-scratchedmemoryEdwin Roseno “Scratched Memory”
far…10-andriwilliam-shouldistayorshouldigoAndri William “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”
far…11-angkipurbandono-seribururpAngki Purbandono “Seribu Rupiah”
far…12-djdollydj Dolly played reggae and 90’s
far…13far…14 far…15far…16Irara and me
far…17me, Abud and Ipiet