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Man in Batik

A man wearing Batik, is a nice thing to see. And it’s nicer if they wear it in style. Not too much style, just simply in style. Good Batik isn’t just a man goes along with Batik Shirt and that’s all. There’s suit, outer, jumper, pants or shoes. In an APPMI Jawa Tengah fashion show last week (Friday, 13/9), which is a part of “Semarang Wedding Festival”, Elkana Gunawan, a fashion designer from Semarang, presented 8 ethnic outfit in “Lelakon”, with the patchwork and asymmetric details. He combine Tenun Troso and Classic Batik motifs into stylish-ethnic-male outfit. Although I don’t like all of the pretty outfit, it’s a nice way to combine traditional fabrics into a stylish outfit. And by the way, this is my first man’s fashion in a runaway posting. Enjoy.

*photograph by: me
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I’m With The Bands!

I dance through the music
I sing along in almost of their songs
I scream and clap my hands in the air with the audiences
I have a f*ckin’ great time at their show
Here I’m, with the bands…

*pics taken by: Fauzan Irfan, Tia Chasmani
edited by: Tia Chasmani

imwthbands 01-2imwthbands 02imwthbands 03imwthbands 04

UK Lunch special design tees | unbranded hi-waist skirt, rings and bracelets | vintage flea market long outer | Suddenly Dark Clothing heart necklace| Fladeo marry-jane shoes

imwthbands 05imwthbands 06imwthbands 07imwthbands 08UK Lunch official merch tees | Clique head band, wore as necklace | Folkshion knit hat | Dhievine tote bag | Christian Siriano strapy sandals

imwthbands 09--_Forimwthbands 10imwthbands 11imwthbands 12Moist official merch tees | The Executive blazer | Hush Puppies shoes | Badger sunglasses | Casio watch

imwthbands 13imwthbands 14-3imwthbands 15imwthbands 16Something About Lola official merch tees | Levi’s denim short | Ben Sherman Shoes | The Body Shop tote bag |  belongs to me straw hat, necklace and polaroid camera