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I’m With The Bands!

I dance through the music
I sing along in almost of their songs
I scream and clap my hands in the air with the audiences
I have a f*ckin’ great time at their show
Here I’m, with the bands…

*pics taken by: Fauzan Irfan, Tia Chasmani
edited by: Tia Chasmani

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UK Lunch special design tees | unbranded hi-waist skirt, rings and bracelets | vintage flea market long outer | Suddenly Dark Clothing heart necklace| Fladeo marry-jane shoes

imwthbands 05imwthbands 06imwthbands 07imwthbands 08UK Lunch official merch tees | Clique head band, wore as necklace | Folkshion knit hat | Dhievine tote bag | Christian Siriano strapy sandals

imwthbands 09--_Forimwthbands 10imwthbands 11imwthbands 12Moist official merch tees | The Executive blazer | Hush Puppies shoes | Badger sunglasses | Casio watch

imwthbands 13imwthbands 14-3imwthbands 15imwthbands 16Something About Lola official merch tees | Levi’s denim short | Ben Sherman Shoes | The Body Shop tote bag |  belongs to me straw hat, necklace and polaroid camera

A High Level of Comfortable in Five

I’M pretty much sure, some people (man and woman) love to wear fancy pricey shoes with luxury detail, or absolutely simple yet stunning shoes. But you cannot wear this pricey footwear to random places, this ‘it’ creature should steps to certain floors made from marble or rug.
Besides, once in a while you need to ‘escape’ from your fancy shoes which is made your feet in pain and uncomfortable. Beauty is pain, remember? Heehee… Don’t give a doubt, escape occasionally from fancy to comfy shoes, is not an affair. It’s just giving a cozy home for your feet.
Speaking of comfy, I just found out that Hush Puppies have new man’s collection called FIVEThis brand known as shoes with casual style and an easygoing attitude made to relax in. This Spring/Summer man’s collection has inspired by the hugely successful Vibram® FiveFingers® outsole design. This collaboration began when the Vibram creator and owner, Marco Bramani, think that his idea seemed like a natural fit in this Basset Hound’s icon shoes. And that became an instant marriage of two brands.

This FIVE shoes has a hybrid engineering that could bring your feet to high level of flexibility and comfortable through the anatomical Vibram-FiveFingers. And I have a flash information for you, this shoes has 3 silhouettes; a classic wingtip design, a wingtip boot and a casual loafer.
All dress up and sit on a performance outsole with surprising bright colors.
Yes, this classic rogue look has it bright color in below. Definitely this isn’t just perfect for your casual or preppy look. But this will look perfectly fit for your semi-formal look. Let’s see, it fit when you wear simply t-shirt and jeans, to a chino, plain shirt and fine wool vest, or cardigan, or sweater.

Last but not least, if you’d like to look a bit eccentric, then when you’ll attend a party, you can create a cowboy look by wearing FIVE boots, dark color jeans, plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, of course. Isn’t it fun to look stylish without worrying pain in your feet? I bet you do.

*written and photographed by: Tia Chasmani
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