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Forever Young

BESIDES you have to think positive, be happy and grateful on your life, the key to stay (and look) young is taking a good care to your skin. Speak about skin, you might be familiar with an anti-ageing treatment. Well, there is also a rejuvenation treatment.
If anti-ageing using products or having treatments to avoid aging when you already aged, then rejuvenation is prevent aging start from a young ages. This kind of treatment usually start at age 25. So, if you already at twenty something, it’s time for you to concern about your skin health. Dina, the spa expert also the owner of Puspa Beauty Lounge Semarang (see the article about it here), told me about rejuvenation treatment, especially for your skin face. And she let me tried one of special facial treatment at her beauty lounge. Hell yeah! ^^

The different between rejuvenation and regular facial treatment is, a regular (basic) facial only cleansing out to your epidermis skin, the outer part of our skin. While rejuvenation could reach to your dermis skin. Which is, cleans out your face much more maximum. No wonder this treatment is more pricy than the regular one. Oh, for your information, our skin layers consist of 3 parts; the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.
At Puspa, there’s 3 special rejuvenation facials. Glanz Kaviar, Vital Regen, and Pure Gold Facial. The glanz kaviar using the gold caviar, the most rare caviar which is the best caviar for your beauty. The vital regen facial is more like sourness treatment. As a natural buzzer, they add organic ingredients, like pineapple and yoghurt, and process it into natural treatment. This goods is really good for regenerating new skin cells.

Last but not least, the most optimal facial treatment in rejuvenation, pure gold, which is using a 24 carat gold sheet. Imagine, gold on your face. By using serum and beauty tools, this golden sheet really soaking into your skin. Not only cleanse out in a much more effective way, but also regenerate the skin cells and increase collagen and elastin production in the same time. Then feel the enormous Puspa’s shine on your face and feels like forever young.

That’s a slight info about facial treatment. Some woman are refuse to have skin treatment from early on, because they think it’s not that necessary. And if their skin haven’t got problems yet, they wont’ do the treatment because they think it would damaged the skin and made the pores even bigger.
The fact is, clean and empty pores (which means no blackheads/ comedo) is more easily to shrink. This clean pores will maximize the absorption of your daily creams treatment, like day and night cream, moisturizing, sun protector, and more.
If you are constantly maintain your cleanliness (doing the right facial is only once a month, by the way, no more), you’ll get an amazing skin. So, why don’t you get yer ass and go try the lovely rejuvenation facials at Puspa. 😉

*all pics taken by: Budi Hartono
edited by: me

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Talking With The Sands #2

I’m on a navigator seat while I got no direction
I’m on a driver seat while all I can do is speed
My happiness box filled with energy and laughing
My memorable canvas filled with thousand pictures
I have my solitude in a festive sun and shore
I have my gloom in a bunch of walk and talk
They said don’t want to let go that beautiful moment
I said let it go,
and float like my crumpled hand-writing on my ragged paper.

part 2: Watu Karung & Klayar, East Java
*pics taken by: me and Adit
edited by: me

sotb 14Watu Karung
sotb 15--Watu Karung
sotb 16 klayarKlayar
sotb 17sotb 18sotb 19sotb 20our hotel, straight to the ocean.
sotb 21sotb 22sotb 23this is heaven… :’)

sotb 24sotb 25