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Bump on the Belly

I feel terribly sorry for making this blog so dusty and empty with no posts at all. More than a year. Oh, dear God… Got pregnant then gave birth and breastfeeding while still manage my jobs, making me a lazy bitsy mom who is always drowsing every time I had to open my laptop.
And now at this very windy drizzling day, I have to fight my desire take a nap, and post something I should done by the end of March (2017)…
This when I was about 7 months pregnant. Wore Serodja batik cap Cirebon blouse, companied by my dearest Filan Sisca, snapped by my bff photographer Yehezkiel Oka, at one of my favorite place, Basilia café and dine. ☺ ☺ ☺

Rainbow Rainbow!

Finish your tea and cookies
Wash your face and spray your fragrance
Put on your cutest dress
Walk happily as if your dress made from rainbows

*photograph by Yehezkiel Caesar Oka

Kebun Kemangi lurik dress | Melissa shoes | Matnleatherworks clutch