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Rainbow in My Shoulder

The sun kissed my skin
Creates delicé glowing chocolate
The clouds dashed my shoulder
Creates beautiful graphic rainbow
Keep walking
Because my footprints reflecting colorful smile
A rainbow in my shoulder

Dhievine blouse | Body ‘n Soul mini skirt | Nike shoes

*Photograph: Yehezkiel Caesar Oka

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Mix Match Mild

Morning breeze says hello
Bring me to the sunny happy day
Mix this and match that
Put a spark of scarlet
And a creamy warm hug

Dhievine oriental top and hi-low skirt | Wood cardigan | Colorbox culot pants | Alpha Daya merch tote bag | Christian Siriano heels | unbranded flats

*photograph by Yehezkiel Caesar Oka

dhvn chn 1_Fotordhvn chn 2_Fotordhvn chn 3_Fotordhvn chn 4_Fotordhvn chn 5_Fotordhvn chn 6_Fotordhvn chn 7_Fotordhvn chn 8_Fotordhvn chn 9_Fotordhvn chn 10_Fotordhvn chn 11_Fotordhvn chn 12_Fotor