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Flooding On Artsy Jar

WELL, flood is a common and routine drama in Semarang. Rainy season came, so is the flood. In fact, some area cannot be rescued. The water never lessened, the puddle became a terrace in some civilian’s houses. Or, simply a flooded land, known as rob. Especially whose live in East Semarang. Flood is their ‘annual event’. Ironic. How disaster became a routine like durian season.

Seeing this satyr incident, some artists from Central Java made their artwork about the rob (there’s many of them, I can’t count). Paintings, installations, photographs and videos. They all are participants in Semarang Art Rob, in Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, which opened in Friday evening (11/10). Overall, they serve something you could enjoy from the tragedy, in their art of view. I would like to say, a tragicomedy.

*photograph by: me

rob 1--rob 2Bagus Panuntun “Recycle Upgrade”
rob 3Catur Rebowo “Tak Berdaya”
rob 5rob 6rob 8Karamba Art Movement “Rob and Roll”. photo taken by Uje
rob 9Nugroho Dwi Adhiseno/Leonardo Agung BP/Garna Raditya/Adhitia Armitrianto “Met[ROB]olitan Projects #1”

rob 11

Dazzling Zine

WHEN I came into this event on a windy Wednesday night (17/7), I got the happy feeling like a kindergarten kid found her playground for drawing and writing about anything. There was so much colors pencils, pens, markers, papers, and some craft tools. This wasn’t kindergarten or toddlers school anyway, this was zines exhibitions by Annisa Riziana Rahmasari at Hysteria Semarang.
It was fun. She teach me how to make an 8 pages zine from a sheet of paper, then I had to make a zine in my own version. She ask this to all her guests. At first, I have no idea what I had to wrote or draw on those multicolor papers. Yeah, my job is writing anyway, but I never wrote any zine before. So, I decided to wrote down my daily life. And then, after finished it, I want it more. Then I made my another zine in 20 multicolor pages!
Another interesting thing at this event, a performed by Adiyat Jati and Fredian Bintar. They jammed and made some impromptu songs. One of it called ‘Bengis’ (an abbreviation of ‘you need to poo’). Hahaha, this was really silly yet witty!
Nisa told me that we could write or draw (or both) about anything to a zine. So, there’s many zines hanging on the wall from various people; people who came to this event, some of hers, and some famous zines. She’d love to draw, and has produced her own zines since 2010. Nisa has more than 4 kinds of zines, some of them are “With Or Without You Zine”, “Gnoem Gnoem Zine” and “Zine Makanan Kesukaanku” (My Favorite Meals Zine). “I want to spread positive energy through zines. And I hope whoever read mine, they no longer felt sad, mad or lonely,” she said. So, are you fascinated trying to make your own?

*photograph by: me

zine 1zine 2taken by Garna Ra
zine 3taken by Fredian Bintar
zine 4taken by: Fredian Bintar
zine 5zine 6zine 7zine 8