A New Lifestyle Market Hall in Town

ADD this to your hangout list, “The Good Friends”, the first lifestyle market hall in Semarang. With more than 30 brands, which are 95% came from local brands, they came to accommodate online shops with no offline store.
Women’s clothing, maternity/ nursing wear, lingerie, kids clothing and toys, jewelry, accessories, Batik, leather product and craft made from dried and artificial flowers. All of them are exclusive product came along with exquisite packaging.
For the next step, The Good Friends will be providing a workshop for craft making or other creative activities, even for talk shows.
Last but not least, they have a summery coffee shop too, Spring and Summer Land.

Sunny Morning

The bees said hello to the birds
Singing “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?” like Oasis
Then they flew from vanilla milk to greasy donut
To spread their huggable chocolate smile
And took a nap in a sunny sweet Sunday

*photographed by Han Wafa and Fareet M

unbranded dress | belongs to husband denim shirt | Hush Puppies shoes | Watu.id necklaces

Special thanks to MAKABANA SPACE Semarang