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Ode to a Dear Friend

I COMPLETELY lost my words. As if my brain run out of it, and my finger being rigid to stack it. Well, I have a good quote as my kick-off. “I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to” – Jimi Hendrix.

At the age of 23, a great friend and a multi talented musician, has to leave us all. He is leaving, but his lovable memory stays in his friend’s, as his rhythm stays forever in the bands. Here are some artworks and stage performers from his dear friends, in “Ode to Momon”, early November at Clapper Movie Cafe Semarang.

So long, Krishna Nur Pribadi.

*photograph by: me ttmm 1_Fttmm 2_Fttmm 3_Fttmm 4_Fttmm 5_Fttmm 6_Fttmm 7_Fttmm 8_Fttmm 9_Fttmm 10_Fttmm 11_Fttmm 12_F

A Little Box of Imagination

• [Alpha Daya] Karang Yo Bocah, a group exhibition by CB31 ArtSpace

GIVE me a pencil and a Math book, and I will hide behind my blanket pretending I’m having a stomach ache. Give me a pencil and a blank paper, and I will present my wonderful unlimited imagination.
That’s my parable regarding a children’s life. A life that most of adults assume that this ‘little creature’ are know nothing, and unable to do anything but a mess. Nevertheless, children are able to create anything, have a grand imagination, and spill it through they work, as they call it toys and drawings. And if they failed, its nothing matter at all. They’re just kids. And if they parents got fury because the wall in entire house full with their ‘mural’, its nothing matter as well, they’re just kids. According to ‘a little creature with big imagination’, CB31 ArtSpace Semarang presented their very first exhibition, with the very first works been published. It was called Alpha Daya; “Karang Yo Bocah” (It’s Just Kids).

This 3 days in a row small show with huge sense, had the opening at April 18th. Involved 11 young artists; Annisa Rizkiana Rahmasari, Andi ‘Kartun’ Pratomo, Eriko Julian Eka Putra, Fahmi Yudhantoro, Fariza Khumaedi, Firman Ferdiansyah, Garna Raditya, Mochammad Ilham, Nugroho Ardhi Setiawan, Puthut Aldoko Wilis and Rengganis Puspita Resi.
The most interesting thing about this warm-independent-collective-collaboration-togetherness show, is the crowd funding activity to succeed it. And this kind of thing was the very first too, in Semarang. They gave some nominally choices with various benefit for those who wanted to donate their money. So people could choose how much money they want to donate for this art of thing.
Speaking about the works, of course it was represent what kids see amongst their world. “Alpha” refers to “beginning”, and “Daya” refers to “power”. So, this group exhibition considered as a power to move and create something, drive all energy and ability for a good start. Yes, their job was a good damn start. If society consider theirs as ‘failed’, well, they’re just kids, anyway.

*photographed by: me

ad 1ad 2the chairman, Fariza Khumaedi (left), open the exhibition
ad 3 kartun-puthutAndi ‘Kartun’ Pratomo                                                         Puthut Aldoko Wilis
ad 4 nisa_firmanFirman Ferdiansyah                                                           Annisa Rizkiana Rahmasari
ad 5 fahmi_ardhyNugroho Ardhi Setiawan                                                             Fahmi Yudhantoro
ad 6 garnaGarna Raditya
ad 7 puthutPuthut Aldoko Wilis
ad 8 ijakFariza Khumaedi
ad 9 -anyosRengganis ‘Anyos’ Puspita Resi, is being interviewed behind her artworks
ad 10 -kikirMochammad Ilham (right) and a friend, in front of his artworks
ad 11 -ricoEriko Julian Eka Putra and his artwork
ad 12ad 13ad 14ad 15ad 16with Anyos, taken by Gatot Caesario