Can You Walking On The Clouds?

HUSH Puppies celebrates their 58 years of casual by introducing a new perfect combination of comfort and flexibility. They call it “Cloud Walker” shoes. This light flexible yet comfy shoes were introduced while they re-opening new bigger store in Senayan City Jakarta.
That’s it? Absolutely not. They held a fashion show within Jakarta Fashion Week 2017 at 27th October. It was a fabulous casual event. Casual dresses, shirts, jackets and of course, shoes. Including their famous chukka boots. Why the 1958? 1958’s highlight fashion was the very best of Hush Puppies style, that’s why.
As for the brand new “Cloud Walker” shoes, it designed so you could walk all day and your feet wont screaming painful, narrow or sweaty. It’s because the built in ‘Gel Heel Pad’ insole working as a ‘shock absorber’ that is reduced painful effect on your heel. A harmony in weight, flexibility and comfortable makes you feel like walking on the clouds.


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