Make Art Not War

MAKING art for charity is a nice yet lovely things to do. Latest news I’ve got, Hush Puppies had a new campaign called “Hush Puppies for Education”. An “Art Festival” that showing up they concern on education, especially in Indonesia where one of theirs was a contribution for Indonesian children education come through Yayasan Poetra Sampoerna.
Hush Puppies also collaborate with Hadiprana Art Centre students. This 150 students make paintings on canvas then got displayed in an exhibition, give them rewards and then Hush Puppies choosing best 20 of those paintings, transformed the artworks into t-shirts, bags and pouchs, distributed to all stores in Jabodetabek.
The nice part is, 50% from the sales will be donated to yayasan Poetra Sampoerna as a sweet package of Hush Puppies concern on education.

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