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MOST people are secretly amused when they got predicted, instead they might said do not believe any kind of ‘prophecy’. Well, this one is not kind of those prophecy. Because someone who I want to talk about, barely not a psychic.

Meet my friend, Kartiko Salman Nugroho (Nugie), a graphologist. He is a professional when it comes to reading your handwriting and signature. What the hell is graphology anyway? This is a science of learning handwritings. It would shown your truly characteristics, from behavior to attitude, in private or in public. Plus, find out positive and negative tendency, so on potential within that you wont realize.
By finding out –so called- the truth in you, its makes him easier to analyze and determine your next step, reduce your negativity side, then accentuate your potential. Other benefit? Knowing your capability in taking risks, communication, analytical, accuracy, emotion, mood control, and awareness in improvident.
Besides for individual or educational, this handwriting reading also have a benefit for company. He said, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes writing in a blank paper. So simple for a wonderful result.
Anyway, Nugie is a hilarious man when doing his work; teaching or consulting. He deliver a serious packages in an amusing cart. This reflect in his daily life, how he manage his works and social life. When he is around, I’ve got a fully guarantee for laughing out loud. ^^
Last but not least, you could visit his blog here.

*photographed by: me

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