Something On Your Hair

Who: Something About Lola
Who??: a pop-punk band from Semarang, whom will release their album very soon this year
what: one of the performers at Grand Opening Urban Cut, Semarang 
when: Wednesday, 11th June 2014
photographed: me
sal 1-hdrsal rossyRossy Kuntjoro
sal rossal ros 2sal duwetmawutm/
sal brint 1-Singgih Bayu a.k.a Mr. Singhbay a.k.a Brintik
sal brint 2sal brint 3sal anto 2additional drum player, Anto Constantin
sal anto -additional-sal enHendragita
sal en 3sal en 4sal comb 1-Firman Ferdiansyah a.k.a Combot

sal comb 2-2sal comb 3sal comb 4


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