Splash Pink

PINK is the new black. You name it. Pink is a ‘formal’ label for romantic color. From outfit, make up, to hair do. This time, pink are not appear to play dominant. The SS’14 trend pick color pink as a ‘sweet small touch’ amongst your wardrobe.

For your hair, you are so not necessary to have your hair colored pink all over it. Well, you are not Kelly Oshbourne, who is look good all out in purple hair. This pink appeared as a small strong detail on your blonde hair, or as a strong tone on your ombre hair. For example, pink in the edge, or in your bangs.
Lie Kuang, a famous hair stylist from Semarang, just earn a champion of Kérastase Styling National Competition, last month. The tittle is “Splash Pink”. Lie Kuang presented pink in short, medium and long hair. “Pink is a global trend for now. And for Asian girls, this color should be adapted with typical Asian’s skin,” he said.

For those who have bright skin, this hairstyle could be applied in blonde and a dash of pink in the edge or middle. In order to avoid tackiness, pink tone should be applied in gradation randomly, not any chance of straight lines up.
While for a darker skin, the most perfect pink is magenta. This is more intense, and you’ll get dark-to-brown color. Besides, this magenta is longer-lasting than bright pink, which is only last about a month. And for both bright or dark pink, Lie Kuang said that the basic technique of Splash Pink is a soft ombre. This would make your hair look nice in pink. But if you are not brave enough to have your hair colored in bright, you might try magenta, because this is way more perfectly fit for Indonesian. And well, you could ask Lie Kuang himself for a better pink on your hair.

*all pics are courtesy of Kérastase
edited: me

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