It’s So British

what: 24 Hour Party People; A Tribute To Britain Oldies [prsntd by Houtskools X Bandwagon]
when: Friday, 28th March 2014
where: Parlour Cafe Semarang
Octopuz as Black Sabbath
Moiss as Slowdive
Goldthief as The Cure
The Chemo as Led Zeppelin
Pita Merah Hitam as Deep Purple
Fond as Blur

*photograph by: me

goldthief 2pita merah hitamPita Merah Hitam
pita merah hitam 2chemoThe Chemo

chemo 2zzz

moiss 2moiss 3octopuz 1Octopuz

octopuz 2octopuz 3

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