Talking With The Sands #2

I’m on a navigator seat while I got no direction
I’m on a driver seat while all I can do is speed
My happiness box filled with energy and laughing
My memorable canvas filled with thousand pictures
I have my solitude in a festive sun and shore
I have my gloom in a bunch of walk and talk
They said don’t want to let go that beautiful moment
I said let it go,
and float like my crumpled hand-writing on my ragged paper.

part 2: Watu Karung & Klayar, East Java
*pics taken by: me and Adit
edited by: me

sotb 14Watu Karung
sotb 15--Watu Karung
sotb 16 klayarKlayar
sotb 17sotb 18sotb 19sotb 20our hotel, straight to the ocean.
sotb 21sotb 22sotb 23this is heaven… :’)

sotb 24sotb 25

  • abe

    bikiniiiiiiiii ::mimisan::

    • Tia Chasmani

      yeee tapi kan on pencil mode, jadi enggak saru... 8)

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