Cutting Edge Hair Cut

WHEN you see a fashionable woman, she may look gorgeous due to her outfit, shoes, bag, or her fabulous hair. And when we speak about fashion trends, its not just about couture dresses or provocative shoes. It counted an cutting-edge hair cut.
On my late previous post, I told about a collaborate between Lie Kuang, a hair stylist from Semarang, with Rinda Salmun, a young fashion designer, in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (see the article here). Now I would like to tell you about one of his latest works according to what I’ve said above, a hair styles trend for 2014.

Those hair styles brings Lie Kuang as the winner of the Asia’s Hair Competition, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on last December (2013). He’s got Best of Asia Hairstylist and Best Cutting Edge Stylist categories.
It’s a “Transient Collection”. He inspired by different sides of a woman which transformed into her hair styles. For this autumn/winter 2014, Lie Kuang’s signature style focused to new masculine and clean feminine.
There’s three kinds of hair length. Short, medium and long transient, and each has two fabulous different styles. For long transient, there’s wavy feminine and curly funky. Medium has it clean straight layer, and straight messy layer, both with blunt cut bang. And my favourite, short in undercut short crop barber technique with short layer asymmetric style on top. Both in punk and emo style.
If you think punk and emo style is so last year or so typical, you’ve got to see this kind of hair style and get rid of your lame thought. Well, wavy on Monday, straight and smooth on Wednesday, only imagination could be your limit of this transient.

*photograph by: D’loops

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