Jarik Gendong…

I’ve got a box of souvenir from blanketing a fashion show a year ago (ahaha! time flies so fast). It’s a Batik Jarik Gendong. Jarik Gendong is a traditional Javanese long and big shawl for carrying a baby. I bought this jarik gendong to Dhievine to measured for a simple halter dress. And voila, here’s the daster! Love it.

made to measure Dhievine dress | vintage flea market vest | unbranded hat and tote bag | Hush Puppies shoes

*all pics taken by: Wibisono Indiarto
edited by: me

jarik 1jarik 2jarik 3jarik 4jarik 5jarik 6jarik 7jarik 8jarik 9-2jarik 10