It Girl With The It Hair

APOLOGIZE please, because this is a super late post. It’s because I didn’t attended the show, and just received the photos. Anyway, if you see someone (particularly a woman), look stunning because of her dress, shoes, bag or her precious jewelry, yes, that’s absolutely a great fashionably thing to make people looking at. Only with a single stand out stuff on your body, it’s pretty enough to make people looking at you.
One particular stuff which has good stopping power is, your hair. If you have an unordinary haircut, unordinary hair color(s), or both, then you’re done. You’ve got the look that makes you look stunning.
Lie Kuang, a famous hairstylist from Semarang, are one of the L’oreal professionel ambassador for this year. He often get involved in fashion events, or collaborate with fashion designers, which supported by L’oreal.

And at the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) few months ago (23/9/2013), which held in Senayan City Jakarta, he collaborate with Indonesian young designer, Rinda Salmun. The theme was “It Looks”. So, Lie Kuang creates 5 different looks from short to long hair, which was perfectly fit with an outstanding outfits. This ‘it hair’ is one of his theme for 2014 haircut trend. For long/ medium hair, he creates a half wavy and curly look, a short bob hair with long bang in a bright color, remarkable bun and braids bun hair in a dark color. Overall, his hair style is extraordinary, pretty in a bold way. We could call it an ‘it hair’.

*all pics are courtesy of L’oreal Professionel
edited by: me

lie 1lie 2lie 3lie 4lie 5lie 6lie 7lie 8lie 9lie 10lie 11lie 12Lie Kuang, Rinda Salmun, and another stylist