Ethnic (Wo)Man

WOMEN loves wearing their spouse’s (man) stuffs. Watch, hat, sweater, suit, shirt, and even pants. Me one of them who love wearing man’s stuffs. Stuffs that I borrowed, demand (hehehe!), or consciously bought them. This time, me wearing Elkana Gunawan’s signature pants. Yes, this is a man’s pants. It’s ethnic, it’s asymmetric, it’s edgy, and it’s comfortable. And I like it very much. Mine is the same cutting as you could see here. Wearing traditional outfit never bores me.

my mom’s kutubaru, rework by Dhievine | Elkana Gunawan pants | Yongki Komaladi shoes | Tepeeace tote bag

*all photos taken by: Wibisono Indiarto
edited by: me
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