Candid Works!

IT’S always surprising when you (finally) noticed that someone or your friend did some candid photos on you. Whether the results made you look fat, chubby (on the cheeks), ridiculous, stupid, or look beautiful yet so stunning. Candid photos always works to show our natural (truly) expressions. My friend who is also a photographer, just send me these photos that he taken few weeks ago. This was when we’re on blanketing at Susan Budihardjo school graduation’s fashion show. Taken just before the show’s began. This is me and my work partner, Ita. Me photographing, she reporting. Anyhow, thanks to Phietra for this lovely-funny photos.

*pics taken by: Phietra Kurniawan
edited by: me

lptn 1lptn 2lptn 3lptn 4Woops, forgot to open the cap 😀

lptn 5

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