Stroked You High!

YOU say party, I say die: you say a great party is a party in the nightclub, I say hell no. In-my-fucking-humble-opinion, a great party is an ‘underground’ party (or, in another term, some people call it an ‘indies-party’). Hell yeah. Like this one, a Tribute to The Strokes. Yes, that US indie-rock band. There’s bands and DJs playing inside, plus a quirky bar that sold uber-cheap drinks and ‘high’ quality sandwiches. At the backyard, there’s free BBQ for everyone. Barely can’t say anything.
It’s because I have no clue about The Strokes except their song “Last Night” (ouch! ☹), I was drowning at the party, and too excited meeting some old friends. Joy around me. But I feel sorry I had to go home a bit early. My old feet can’t handle the dance floor for too long. I was too (ehm) ‘exhausted and swelter’ to take good pictures. Then I edited them in lomo colors. So, here’s some photos in –so called—the drunken style photograph. Even though this is not a great photograph, at least you could feel the stroked rawk vibe. Haha!
What: Stroked: Tribute to The Strokes
When: Saturday, 5th October 2013
Where: Wisma Pertamina Semarang
The bands: Moiss, Bavuc, The Chemo, Reptiles, Rico Julian.
The DJs: Killmayhem, #gerombolanbencana, Rockingrush.

stroked1stroked2stroked4“laaaast niiiight, she saaiiid, oh baby don’t feel so down…”
stroked5stroked6stroked7stroked8taken by Nisa
stroked9taken by Brewok
stroked14Brewok the ‘haircut & martabat’, Rossi, Polos



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