Flooding On Artsy Jar

WELL, flood is a common and routine drama in Semarang. Rainy season came, so is the flood. In fact, some area cannot be rescued. The water never lessened, the puddle became a terrace in some civilian’s houses. Or, simply a flooded land, known as rob. Especially whose live in East Semarang. Flood is their ‘annual event’. Ironic. How disaster became a routine like durian season.

Seeing this satyr incident, some artists from Central Java made their artwork about the rob (there’s many of them, I can’t count). Paintings, installations, photographs and videos. They all are participants in Semarang Art Rob, in Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, which opened in Friday evening (11/10). Overall, they serve something you could enjoy from the tragedy, in their art of view. I would like to say, a tragicomedy.

*photograph by: me

rob 1--rob 2Bagus Panuntun “Recycle Upgrade”
rob 3Catur Rebowo “Tak Berdaya”
rob 5rob 6rob 8Karamba Art Movement “Rob and Roll”. photo taken by Uje
rob 9Nugroho Dwi Adhiseno/Leonardo Agung BP/Garna Raditya/Adhitia Armitrianto “Met[ROB]olitan Projects #1”

rob 11

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