Chinese Fairytale

IT was sunny day at Tuesday. Me and some friends went to Vihara Buddhagaya/ Pagoda Avalokitesvara Semarang. That day was Idul Adha holiday, and we have no idea where to go, so we decided to visit the vihara near to my home. This is the spacious and the most famous vihara in Semarang, i think. At that moment, some people were praying, and we’re busy taking photographs. Not interrupt their rituals, of course. Well, we felt like pictured on a Chinese Fairytale. Somehow.

*pics taken by: Bagus, Dhika Aji, me
edited by: me

cfairy 1cfairy 2cfairy 3made measured by Pinky Hendarto Songket Melayu dress | unbranded hat | LM Hardware cardigan

cfairy 4cfairy 5cfairy 6cfairy 7cfairy 8cfairy 9cfairy 10cfairy 11cfairy 12

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