Stay Gold

LAST Friday was the smoothies day. For my hair, actually. My hair just got the golden ticket to had a one fine treatment. It was a Kerastasé Elixir Ultime treatment. This is the newest treatment which contains of 24 carats gold. Hmmm. So your hair would be more shiny (super-shiny), smooth, anti-muddy, anti-chapped and glowing like hair of the Rapunzel.

Before doing the treatment, my scalp got checked. And the result was, I had a dried-dandruff. HAHA. No wonder, because –ehm- I rarely took a bath. 😀 Anyway, there’s 2 kind of dandruff; dry and wet. My simple explaining for you, dry is when the dandruff spread around your hair and sometimes it fall to your shoulder, like the shampoo commercials you saw on tv. And the wet one is when your dandruff patching on your scalp like fish scales.
Before my hair got shampooing, it rinsed with Oléo-complexe serum, for all types of hair. This oleo-complexe was so flexible because it could be applied before or after your hair got shampooing, blow-drying, smoothing or hair spraying. This serum would nourish and protect your hair from UV and chlorine (of swimming pool). Step 2 was shampooing. Because I had a dandruff haired, unlike any others shampoos, Kérastase shampoo applied in my scalp while massaged, in a DRY hair condition. After done massaging, then my hair got washed.

Step 3 was the main treatment. My hair got masque, and I’ve got stone massage on my back. It was super relaxing. Step 4, after my hair got washed and before the blow-drying, fluide purifiant hair tonic applied to my hair, this was because –hell yeah—I’ve got a dandruff haired. Finally, after done this treatment, I could feel that hair feel so happy and lighty. Although I had shorted-hair, doesn’t mean I wont get a fine treatment, isn’t it? Bye-bye bad hair day! ☺

*pics taken by: Uje Dinomo, Tia Chasmani
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