The Bride and the Groom Please Step Forward

I just found out, models for photos or catwalk unlike models for wedding dresses. Lets say, if I’m a model who look so damn good in runaway and photo shoots, then when I have to be a model for wedding dresses, –I mean, a white wedding dress like Vera Wang, not the traditional one—I might not look good at it. Why oh why?
Because you’ve got to have; a ‘feminine face’, not too strong nor fierce face for boys, proportional figure which is not fatty yet not too skinny, healthy bright skin, which is Asian’s girl skin is able as long as it’s not too dark, and have a minimum 165cm heights for girl, and 180cm for boy.
That was Ave Sanjaya, founder of Pemilihan Wajah Pengantin (Bridegroom Face Election) told me about the exact criteria for bridegroom models. With a support from Vincent Lee and Pugiarto, also from La Tulipe Cosmetics, Ave had this yearly event since 1998. And this is the first and the only bridegroom model’s election in Central Java.

He held this event because he had difficulty when it comes searching for high quality models for wedding dresses in runaway. Also, he wanted to created the newbie who could became a professional model on their next steps. Moreover, he knows that many potential newbie yet honed their ability; being a model or professional worker. Through this event, he wants to give an opportunity to the youth, especially in Central Java, so they can discover and showing their potential.
1998 is the first year of Pemilihan Wajah Pengantin. This year, was the twelfth. Some Bridegroom models are now had their career. For example Mandy (1998 Wajah Pengantin’s finalist) got runner up for Putri Indonesia in 2002, Melia (2005 Wajah Pengantin’s finalist) got Miss Indonesia’s finalist and best national dress for Wajah Femina in 2008, Johan (2005 Wajah Pengantin’s finalist) got L-Men runner up in 2010, Agung (1998 Wajah Pengantin’s finalist) became a national TV anchor, Rayhan (2008 Wajah Pengantin’s finalist) got the winner of L-Men 2011, and so on, the achievement still count.

This Bridegroom election had some vision, creating in house models for Ave’s (salon and bridal), the fashion designers, or people who work in beauty and fashion as well. So, we might say that this election is one good alternative way of model’s supplier besides some established model agencies.

*all pics taken by: Ave’s photographer
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