Elle marche en beauté

Belle de nuit by Ave and Novita Sanjaya

“She walks in beauty, like the night
of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies”
(She Walks in Beauty – George Gordon (Lord) Byorn. 1788-1824).

A gloomy night isn’t a time for sitting alone in your room, daydream about your ex while listening sad songs. Get your ass off your room, dress nicely, and enjoy the dazzling night, like the old poets said, the night is a beauty and graceful reveal.
For Ave and Novita Sanjaya, a nighty isn’t just about darkness and eerie feeling. Like a classic story, a night has a pretty face sparkles with moon light, bright stars, festive fireflies, and shiny street lamps. They represent this sparkling night into lustrous cocktail and long dresses in “Belle de nuit” fashion show.

This father and daughter held this fashion show in order to Ave salon 1st anniversary yet Semarang Fashion Festival, at Paragon Mall Semarang, on Saturday (27/4). According to their salon’s anniversary, this fashion show is one of their big shows. I’ll tell you later –in the next posts- for the rest of it.
The black and white runaway, has it ‘street lamps’ in the middle, and portraits of famous streets in Paris as it background. As if we saw the models fashionably walking in Champs-Élysées. First session was cocktail and long dresses by Novita Sanjaya. She has the opal colors; light peach coral, lavender, minty green, rose water opal, vintage rose and sand grey opal. She has asymmetric ruffles on her A-line and H-line dresses, a silky obi bow, crystal beads, and 3D applique on every single dresses.

Then, the second session definitely was party dresses with bold colors; red, orange, gold, emerald green, blue navy and magenta-pink, by Ave Sanjaya. Almost all of it was a tube-dresses with crystal beads application. Some of it has bridal look; wide long skirt. And some of this bridal dresses has layered and asymmetric drapery on the detail.

Both Ave and Novita, has a 3D applique on their silk, tulle and French lace fabrics. This was really luminous night with the bright stars (crystal) you should kill your sad gloomy mood. But you are allowed to keep your gloomy-stunning mood. 😀

*photographed by: me
novi 01novi 02novi 03-novi 04novi 05novi 06novi 07novi 08novi 09-novi 10ave 01ave 02ave 03ave 05ave 06

ave 07

ave 08-ave 09

ave 10

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