Brands Goes To The Back Seat, Mod Sit In The Front Seat

ALL this time, since my first post on this blog, I had never write down any brands from what I wear, except the one that endorsed me. Heeheehee. It’s because wearing branded things is not that necessary. Not as important as feeding your dog, IMHO. And that’s a forceful reason.
Wearing some, or all branded things from head to toe, and of course this will make you look damn great, make a strong conclusion for me: you have to be rich to look great, sophisticated or so f*ckin’ fashionable. Then, being fashionable equal being show offs. No longer being creative by mix and match from what you have. You want to look fabulous all the time, go get a new pair of Loubotin.
I’m not a rich bimbo. I’m working class people who work as a journalist for living (and I’m proud :’D). Hence, I rarely spoiled my money on branded things. For me, being fashionable, or I prefer, being in fashion, is a fun thing like painting and playing kites in a huge playground. You have to be creative even though you have no money to buy all those glitters thing. For example, shopping in a flea market. Like I usually did. This is a reliable proof in most of my looks. And, oh, have a cheap way to look nice, also a fashionably reason why I like Mod subculture. Hell yeah.

Afterwards, my dear friend Dhika told me that I have to write down what kind of brands I wear in each posts. She said, this is just as information for the readers. She also said, a same (exactly same or just similar) item from any brand, would look different in some people, and definitely creates different style too. So, I took her advice. But trust me, that would not a slice of being show offs. Heheheheheheheh…..

*photograph: Andi Fauzan Irfan

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