Game of Thrones Braids

MIXED up masculine look dresses with braids hairstyle? Voila, it’s a Game of Thrones girls’ dress code down into the fashion runway.
At Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2018 not long ago (24th October 2017), there were collaborated by Hattaco by Rani Hatta with L’Oréal Professionnel, which one of them presented by Lie Kuang & Co. Creative Salon Semarang.
Lie Kuang, the man behind the coolest hairstyle, matches “Braid of Knights” to Hattaco’s “Freedom” masculine monochrome. And this Braid of Knights is a part of “It Looks Fall Winter 2017/2018 Bronde Contour” by L’Oréal.
He creates experimental braids styling inspired by ancient female knights, especially those whom you saw on Game of Thrones. You can find them epic style previously in season 6. Sophisticated messy braids.
Like an art, his work of braids was like an object with dimensions. So imaginative, energetic, dynamic and definitely fashionable. Don’t capturing feminine and glamorous thing, it was more eclectic. Those tricky braids were twist, French and Dutch braids techniques, combined with cornrows. Well, cornrows is an old African style technique that is tying hairs close to the scalp, formed sleek lining braids.
Overall, Braid of Knights resulting sleek and messy look. A different kind of braids you ever seen. “Braids are in, the techniques itself considered as a valuable work of art, it’s a fully aesthetic progress from present to future in popular culture,” he said. Yes, a hairstyle is a big part of your fashion.

Bump on the Belly

I feel terribly sorry for making this blog so dusty and empty with no posts at all. More than a year. Oh, dear God… Got pregnant then gave birth and breastfeeding while still manage my jobs, making me a lazy bitsy mom who is always drowsing every time I had to open my laptop.
And now at this very windy drizzling day, I have to fight my desire take a nap, and post something I should done by the end of March (2017)…
This when I was about 7 months pregnant. Wore Serodja batik cap Cirebon blouse, companied by my dearest Filan Sisca, snapped by my bff photographer Yehezkiel Oka, at one of my favorite place, Basilia café and dine. ☺ ☺ ☺